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Los Lajones and Emporium Estates occupy the steep slopes of Volcan Baru (3475 masl), the highest mountain in Panama. The fertile soil, rich vegetation and specific micro-climate of the southeast mountainside are ideal for coffee cultivation. Our youngest geisha trees grow in the elevation as high as 2100 masl, while the processing stations are situated in the lower parts of the volcano.

Los Lajones Estate and Emporium Estate

Both of our estates are located on the eastern flank of the Volcán Barú, right above the town of Boquete. This dormant but still potentially active volcano is situated south of the Continental Divide in the western Chiriquí Province. The last major eruption of the volcano occurred at about 500 AD. However, there is an evidence of an enormous eruption in the early Holocene period, which may have produced up to 100km3 of ejected material and covered the whole region in ash.

Volcán Barú is not only the highest mountain in the country but also forms the eastern tip of the Cocos Tectonic Plate. The tectonic boundary between the Cocos Plate and the Nazca Plate is known as the Panama Fracture Zone and runs from the East Pacific Rise to the Middle America Trench.

The large amounts of deposited materials from the early volcanic activities make the soils immensely fertile with high content of organic matter and volcanic ashes. One may find here micro-spots with soils especially rich in phosphorus and sulphur. Mixed with pyroclastic clays, these zones become a unique environment for micro and macro biodiversity. Both Los Lajones and Emporium Estates are located on the north side of a big old lava field that flows from the main crater.

Moreover, the terroir is unique due to a large number of native shade trees, which spread out around the plantations and help to preserve the soil minerals and biotic conditions in a natural way.

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