Natural Coffee Processing

Natural Coffee Processing

The Natural method is the most antique and traditional way to process coffee cherries. First used in Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee, sun drying ripe cherries before hulling and roasting them is a process unchanged for centuries. Similar to Honey method, not a single drop of water is used during the whole procedure, thus making it a completely environmentally friendly coffee processing method.


After only ripe cherries are picked, collected and weighted, we spread them on African raised beds. After many experiments, we became confident that sun-drying naturals on African beds is a lot faster, cleaner and less expensive than using traditional concrete patios. The air circulation from bellow the bed creates more homogeneous and smooth drying process, which later results in cleaner and softer cup profile.

Emporium and Los Lajones are the very first farms in Central America, which produce their entire crop using either Natural or Honey processing method.

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